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Webinar "Aspiring (re)migrants' behaviour in mobility policies"

23 January 2024

The AspirE team is very excited to share its first webinar, entitled "Aspiring (re-)migrants' behaviour in mobility policies" coordinated by the University of Milan in collaboration with the Université libre de Bruxelles.

The webinar will unveil the key results of Work Package 2’s expert interviews conducted in 11 countries in Europe (Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Portugal) and Asia (Hong Kong, China; Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). Specifically, it will highlight the place of human behaviour in selected EU’s mobility policies concerning Third-Country Nationals. 

This event will not be possible without the collaboration of our team members below:


Our special thanks to the following discussants:

  • Carmen Voigt-Graf (Policy Officer and Project Manager - DG INTPA)
  • Matthias Lücke (Management Coordinator - DYNAMIG project)
  • Simona Vezzoli (Principal Investigator - PACES project)
  • Sergio Carrera (Senior Research Fellow and Head of Justice and Home Affairs unit - CEPS)



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