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Thi Thuy Nghiem


Thi Thuy Nghiem

Dr. Nghiem Thi Thuy is a sociologist at the Institute of Sociology (IOS), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). Her doctoral thesis focussed on Children left behind and Migrant Parents in Viet Nam (2012-2016). She participated in the Well Trust funded project on Children Health and Migrant Parenthood in South-East Asia led by the University of St. Andrew (2008-2012). She was the consultant for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) project on Development of the Profile and Database on Vietnamese citizens migrating abroad (2010-2011) and she is currently a member of the International project on Assessing Population Mobility Dynamics and Patterns to Inform Evidence-based Programs in the context of Cross Border Mobility between Cambodia and Viet Nam; and Assessing the Trend of Overseas Labor Migration in Vietnam led by IOM (2022-2023).

In AspirE, she will assist the local PI in the management of the project and participate in WP2, WP5, WP 6 and WP7.

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