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Mari Korpela

Principal Investigator

Mari Korpela

Mari Korpela (PhD, title of a docent) is a social anthropologist who has extensive research experience in transnational migration. She is an expert on ethnographic and visual research methods and on the ethnography of childhood. Korpela is an Academy of Finland research fellow and a senior lecturer of qualitative research methods in the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Tampere University. In her earlier research, she has studied for example lifestyle migration in India and international migration in the Finnish context. In 2014-2017, she worked as a senior researcher in the project “Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility of People (EURA-NET)” (EU Seventh Framework Programme) in the School or Education in Tampere University.

Mari Korpela is the PI of the Finnish team in AspirE.

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