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Isabella NG Fung-Sheung

Principal Investigator

Isabella NG Fung-Sheung

Isabella NG is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian and Policy Studies. She receives her PhD in Gender Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. She obtained her MPhil in Journalism and BA in English Literature in Hong Kong Baptist University and MA in Comparative Literature in the University College London. She focuses her research on Gender and Development in Asia, Feminist Geography, Feminist Research methods, anthropology of migration; rural villages in Hong Kong and China and media studies, by drawing mainly on her training in anthropological research methods. She is also a founder of the society Hong Kong Society for Asylum-Seekers and refugees, which fights for the rights of the Asylum-seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong and support their need. She has provided expert input on asylum-seekers and refugees issues to EU and OHCHR.

Isabella is a Co-PI in the AspirE project, responsible for Hong Kong (China) ‘s aspiring (re)migrants. she and her team will examine the drivers behind the (re)migrants’ decision in moving to selected European countries.

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