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Eleonora De Stefanis

PhD Student

Eleonora De Stefanis

Eleonora De Stefanis is a sociologist and PhD in Economic Sociology and Labor Studies at the University of Milan (Italy). She is also a Researcher at Percorsi di secondo welfare, a research and information Laboratory linked to the University of Milan aiming at developing and deepening the understanding of Italian welfare dynamics and practices. She deals with work-life balance and gender equity policies, school-to-work transition, as well as youth and migration studies. She has carried out research and teaching activities on related topics at the University of Milan, Percorsi di secondo welfare, and the University of Bologna, preferring a gendered, intersectional, and postcolonial approach.

She is currently collaborating with the Research Team at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan for the AspirE Project: Decision making of aspiring (re)migrants to and within the EU: the case of labor market-leading migrations from Asia. She is involved in the AspirE project working on WP3 activities from February to June 2024.

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