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Carol Wang

PhD Student

Carol Wang

Xuheng(Carol) Wang is a Ph.D. Candidate in International Politics and Conflict Resolution in the School of Economics (FEUC) from the University of Coimbra and the Centre for Social Studies (CES). She holds a Master’s degree from the School of Economics (FEUC)—University of Coimbra (Portugal) and a Bachelor’s degree from the School of business—Macao Polytechnic University (China). Currently, she works on the research on the role of Macao in Sino-Portuguese-speaking countries relations based on paradiplomacy in China.

Xuheng Wang’s work within AspirE project is mainly conducting interviews with Chinese migrants in Portugal, including translation the interview records from Chinese to English, which belongs to the Working Package 3. She will also work on collecting video diaries, which is part of the Working Package 4.

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