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Isaan Record wins awards!

22 March 2024

It is a true pleasure to share that the Isaan Record team, received honorable mentions of outstanding media awards from two institutions!

The first award was given by the Issara Amantakul Foundation, an organization that promotes freedom of mass media in Thailand, and another award from Amnesty International Thailand for the presentation on labor oppression of Thai berry pickers who traveled to Finland and did not receive fair wages and in some cases became human trafficking. To read more about it, click HERE.  

The Isaan Record produced a four-part story in English titled "The bitter business of berries" where they focus on one particular couple from Isaan faced picking berries in Finland - have a look at the 4 features produced in 2023:

Part 1 : Berries hold promise to unburden generations of Thai debt 

Part 2 : An Isaan couple become berry pickers in Finland 

Part 3 : The fight for justice 

Part 4 : The embittered experience of berry picking 


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